Grade 2

New Multiplication Website:

Click here to give it a try!

Where to begin your exploration -Biography Resources

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Treasure Hunt

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Let's look for facts about Christopher Columbus on this web site:

Wax Museum Invitations

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Click here to open a Wax Museum Invitation Template

After you open it, remember to make a copy before you add any details

2MGo: Explorers

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2MGo students are writing biographies.  Click here to access your page.

Art Created with the iPads

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There are some very creative apps on the iPads for us to explore. First we are going to have a look at the app 'Brushes'.

- David Kassan has created some beautiful portraits using this app. If you click on the little arrows beside the photograph on the main page you will get to see some of the portraits that this artist has created. There are about 10 images for you to have a look at.

- Here is a timelapse video of David Kassan creating a portrait: 

YouTube Video

- This is another example of an artist using the iPad and Brushes

YouTube Video

- and I couldn't resist one more, this one is of Toy Story 3

YouTube Video

Before you have a try yourself, have a look at these pages:

- Here is a tutorial style page about Brushes

- Here are some more examples of art created with Brushes

- and here is a Flickr group dedicated just to art created with Brushes

After you have explored the iPads and Brushes, try creating a piece of your own. You can use an example from one of the postings above or you can draw from the world around you or from your imagination. 

When you have created a piece don't forget to take a screen shot of it (remember, to do this you hold down the on off button and the home button). You can email the screen shot to your teacher or to me ( and we can post them and print them off for others to enjoy.

Have fun!

Book Character Dress Up Day

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Grade 2 MGo

Book Character Day Reflection

- use the Image Search page found in the column on the left and look for a picture of your character
- open the google doc, put in your photo
- describe why you dressed up as that character, hook us into wanting to read your favourite book.

Here is our Google Doc where we gathered photos of our characters and wrote about why we chose it:

Book Characters

Gr 2 NTr Movie Sharing

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Today you are sharing your learning from your last Unit of Inquiry with your families. I am sure they will enjoy watching your movies about food production!

If you ARE finished your movie:
- if you saved your movie on the desktop, find it, double click it and enjoy. Remember to give your parents a set of headphones so they can hear properly. 
- if you saved your movie in the East Primary School Group Work folder you will have to connect to the server to watch it. Remember the steps: Go/Connect to Server/ User name and Password / East Primary School Group Work / Gr 2 / NTr / Field to table images / your name. Double click on your movie and enjoy. Remember to give your parents a set of headphones so they can hear properly. 

If you ARE NOT quite finished your movie:
- open iMovie (if it is not on the dock use your spotlight tool), find your movie in the Project Library and with your parents finish adding your voice. When finished export your movie before you watch it.
- to export - click on Share / Export using Quick Time / and save it to your desktop. It will take a few minutes to export so be patient. After it exports, close iMovie, double click your movie on the desktop and enjoy! Remember to give your parents a set of headphones so they can hear properly. 

Voting for WOW Books

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Using a Google Form as a survey, 2MGo voted for their favorite "WOW" books.

Field to Table Video Links

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Click here to view the list of video links on how different products are made.

Holiday Games

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