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Art Created with the iPads

posted Mar 20, 2011, 4:16 AM by   [ updated Mar 20, 2011, 4:48 AM ]
There are some very creative apps on the iPads for us to explore. First we are going to have a look at the app 'Brushes'.

- David Kassan has created some beautiful portraits using this app. If you click on the little arrows beside the photograph on the main page you will get to see some of the portraits that this artist has created. There are about 10 images for you to have a look at.

- Here is a timelapse video of David Kassan creating a portrait: 

YouTube Video

- This is another example of an artist using the iPad and Brushes

YouTube Video

- and I couldn't resist one more, this one is of Toy Story 3

YouTube Video

Before you have a try yourself, have a look at these pages:

- Here is a tutorial style page about Brushes

- Here are some more examples of art created with Brushes

- and here is a Flickr group dedicated just to art created with Brushes

After you have explored the iPads and Brushes, try creating a piece of your own. You can use an example from one of the postings above or you can draw from the world around you or from your imagination. 

When you have created a piece don't forget to take a screen shot of it (remember, to do this you hold down the on off button and the home button). You can email the screen shot to your teacher or to me ( and we can post them and print them off for others to enjoy.

Have fun!