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Blogging Guidelines & Commenting

posted Feb 28, 2011, 5:07 PM by Keri-Lee Beasley   [ updated Feb 28, 2011, 8:27 PM ]
You have done some fabulous research on what you like/dislike about different blogs out there. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your perspectives, and finding out a little more about what you are interested in. 

Rule of Thirds
This week, we'll be looking at some guidelines for blogging, and look at effective commenting.

Task 1
You will be divided in pairs, and with your partner, you will need to select an appropriate Creative Commons image to illustrate one of the blogging guidelines. I would like you to use your creativity and knowledge gained from our unit at the beginning of the year on Creative Commons images to create a slide/poster of your blogging guideline. Remember to acknowledge your sources and check the licensing info  of the image you choose.

Task 2
You need to look at the commenting guidelines contained in the guidelines for blogging

Watch the video below:

Disconnect to Connect

Think about the content of the video and make a comment on this Google Doc with your class name on it (below)

Respond to other people by adding a comment (I will show you how) using the @ symbol in front of their name, e.g. @Mrs B, I disagree with your point about.... because...

Task 3 - Comment on a blog

A Middle school teacher in Jakarta wrote this post on Custom Blog Headers. Do you agree that the ability to personalize and customize your blog makes a difference to you?

You might like to leave a comment on his post. 

Alternatively, check out some of the student examples here (look on the right on the sidebar - you will have to scroll down), and leave a comment about what you like about their headers and why.