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Once on this Island

posted Apr 28, 2011, 6:04 AM by Keri-Lee Beasley
It is time to start organising the rehearsals for Once on this Island. You need to indicate whether you really want to be onstage, or if you would prefer to help out behind the scenes. 

Below you will find a link to a Google Spreadsheet, where you need to make an important decision: If you would like to be part of the onstage cast, you need to fill your details in on the FIRST SHEET of the spreadsheet (helpfully titled 'ONSTAGE').

If you would prefer to be a part of the backstage crew, you need to fill in your details on the SECOND SHEET of the spreadsheet (helpfully titled 'BACKSTAGE').

You will need to indicate your availability for rehearsals outside of school hours. Fill the cell RED if you can't make that time, and GREEN if you can. See the example Mr B has provided for you on the spreadsheet.