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Video Project

posted Nov 21, 2010, 4:31 AM by Keri-Lee Beasley
It's time for us to tap into your wonderful creativity and create something NEW!

For this project you will be working in groups to create a video. You will have a choice from these broad themes:
  • Tutorial Video - show us what you know! Use your talents to share a skill you have, so that others can learn from you.
  • Prepare a video to submit for consideration to the Singapore International Student Film Festival 2011. Categories are as follows:
    • Public Service Announcement - create a 45 second 'commercial' to raise awareness about natural hazards and how you can prepare for them - this is a direct link to your work in Humanities.
    • Narrative - a fictional story using actors.
    • Video Art - Moving pictures incorporating video and audio. This includes Music Videos.
    • Documentary - a movie that attempts, in some way, to document reality - not scripted.
Once your group is chosen, you will need to complete 2 pieces of paperwork and share them with me. 
  1. Video Plan
  2. Storyboard
Utilizing excellent time-management skills is going to be a key part of this work, as we have only 3 sessions (or 4 for AMO) remaining before Christmas!

Image Credit: Spooled Up by Dave Fancher