Grade 1

Finding Creative Commons Images

Sound Exploration:
2. Arrange the Blobs
Our User Name:
Our password: echalk

Typing Practice

Landmark Project

1. Online Research Sites
There are several websites with lists of famous landmarks.

In this database, you will find articles, biographies, videos, images, and links to other web sites:

(if the above doesn't work, try this link to Encyc. Britannica
which will take you to the school website - via Quick Links)

And it that doesn't work, why not search in the Simple Wikipedia database?  Start on the Landmarks page.

Another good online source is the World Heritage List, which the United Nations set up.

World Heritage List (over 900 famous places are listed)

2. Google Earth

We are going to use Google Earth to find 2 things for our landmark:
  •  first a map of the country where our landmark can be found 
  •  second an aerial view of our landmark.

3. Compfight

We are going to use this web site to find photographs of our landmark. Remember to only search for creative commons images.

Math Sites
(Click on the links below to play various math games)

Digital Literacy Links

Google Docs

Hi Grade 1s! If you click on the wallwisher beside your class name you will see where we started to gather our thoughts about what the word 'communication' means. 

If you click on your class you will get to our google doc where we are sharing our ideas on why we are special. Remember if someone else is logged on at the same time you can have a chat with them (remember to add your name to the chat message and remember how important it is to be caring when we are typing messages to each other!) 

This is the link we are using to work with images and to use images to represent our ideas:

This link takes you to a program that allows us to search Creative Commons images by colour. We will use these images to represent our thinking about communication. Remember that we talked about what to do if you see an inappropriate image:

This link takes you to Scarlett Beasley's blog. If you would like you can add a comment to her blog:

This link takes you to Griffin Beasley's blog. If you would like you can add a comment to his blog:

Communication Project

It is time to share our learning about communication!

Your task:
Create a digital project to show your teachers, classmates and families what you have learned about communicating with technology. You need to show two things: How we communicate with technology and why you think it is important to be learning about communicating with technology.

You can use:
Pages to make a poster, Keynote with images and text, or google docs with images and text. If you have another idea, let me know and we can discuss it.

Tools you could use:
- Pictures (using Compfight and / or Colour Image Search)
- Pictures (using Imagechef)
- text 
- photobooth
- your own drawings (using Tuxpaint or Artpad)
- wallwisher if you would like to make a post-it and take a photo

You can work by yourself or with a partner.

I can't wait to see what you create!

Here is an example of a poster I created using pages.

Grade 1 Projects


Google Doc - Ece

Subpages (1): Impact Posters