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Typing Games

Drawing Games

Recycling is so much fun!
You may want to try theses games:

Michael Michael go Recycle
Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before time runs out!

Clean Up Your World
Clean Up Your World with this fun drag-and-drop game.

Clean Up Your World
Help Gus clean up the park

This is a great tool to help you create illustrations for your stories:

And here are some other online drawing tools you could explore:

This next one is one of my favourites, it really looks like a sketch!

With this tool you can make and send ecards:

Making Books.... for the Super Story Unit....
4 groups per class -- dividing up jobs (writers, illustrators, cover design, typing, etc.)

  • Cover
  • Title page
  • Text
  • About the authors
  • Back cover

Testing making e-books and outputting as: PDF (to be printed or viewed on a laptop or mobile device), MP4 and/or Quicktime movies (to be viewed on a laptop, iPod, or iPad).

  • Keynote, utilizing Voiceover for narration, if desired
    • NB: we recommend you create a Keynote template, e.g., where there would be a pre-formatted place for images (that would save the kids having to re-size images inserted);

  • artPad -- an online website that allows kids to draw pictures
  • TuxPaint -- a free program downloaded from the Internet and on our Macs
    • NB: for these two online drawing programs, use Shift-Command-4 to select and save a screenshot -- this would go to the Desktop by default and the student would then "drag" it into a Keynote slide

  • Students could also draw on paper and have that scanned into an image
  • Students could also take photographs with the iPod Touches -- though an adult would have to get the photos off the camera and onto the student's laptop
  • 2Publish (part of the 2Simple suite of Infant programs, available on the Macs) is another possibility, though it can be difficult to export images to a place where the kids can easily access) (couldn't we do screenshots with that as well?)

Checklist / Timeline

Week 1
- playing with art programs / taking photo of work using shift/command/4
- story groups (5 members per group?) 
- group roles (author, illustrator etc)

Week 2
- author cycle (brainstorming plot, characters, etc and writing the text, and editing)

Week 3
- illustrations

Week 4
- music and voiceover (optional) 

Week 5
- movie
- launch / post online

See Louise and Katie's simple examples attached below. 

The groups' products could be uploaded here -- as this is a public website that parents could look at.

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