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GameDescriptionAge rangeNotesRating
GameDescriptionAge rangeNotesRating
Samorost 1 Exploration and problem solving Primary onwards   
Samorost 2 Exploration and problem solving Primary onwards   
Cellcraft Science Middle onwards   
Armadillo Run Physics Primary onwards Paid subscription in ICT Lab  
Lure of the Labyrinth Math game Middle onwards   
Up Beat Typing Touch typing Primary onwards   
PacMan Typing Touch Typing Primary onwards   
DanceMat Typing Touch typing Primary onwards   
Red Remover Math: Visual logic Primary onwards   
NASA EXploration Science: Space exploration Middle onwards   
Scratch Math: Programming Early Years   
The Brain Game Literacy: Storytelling Primary onwards   
Keyboard Climber Touch typing Primary onwards   
MathMagician Math: different games Primary onwards   
Food Force Global Concerns Middle onwards Must download to play  
Atmosphir Science Middle onwards Must be installed on a machine -- there are 2 in the ICT Lab  
Ayiti: The Game of Life Global Concerns Primary onwards Play online  
Crypto-Zoo Science: A secret world of strange and fast-moving creatures  Primary onwards   
Free Rice -- other Subjects Various: Choose from Geography, Art, Math, Languages, English Primary onwards   
Singing Horses Mouse control Early Years   
Early Mouse Movements Mouse control Early Years   
HeadSprout Mouse control Early Years   
ElectroCity Science Primary onwards   
BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 Various Primary onwards   
Math Playground Math: various games Primary onwards   
Game Goo Various Early Years   
Mo Willems homepage -- Games Literacy Early Years   
Peep and the Big Wide World Various Early Years   
Poisson Rouge Various Early Years   
1066 The Battle History Middle onwards  Not Rated 
Real MYST Literacy: Writing Primary onwards  Not Rated 
Third World Farmer Global Concerns simulation Primary onwards   
Typing Chef Touch typing Primary onwards  *** 
Crime in Ancient Rome Historical exploration Middle onwards  **** 
Order in the Library Library: Practice learning how to re-shelve books properly Primary onwards  *** 
It's My Life Various: A number of different educational games about life Middle onwards  **** 
Sneeze Science: "You are a virus infecting humans. Survive by making your human host sneeze and infect other humans. Infect the target percentage of the population to reach the next round." Middle onwards  **** 
BrainPop Various Primary onwards If you forget the school's login/password, it's on the school website **** 
Bubblewrap Mouse control Early Years  *** 
Games for the Brain Various, including art images (Masterpieces, Mastermind, etc.) Primary onwards  **** 
Aid to Children Vocabulary Primary onwards Raise money for with every correct answer No Rating Yet 
Free Rice Vocabulary Primary onwards Raise money with every correct answer *** 
Lemons for Literacy Vocabulary.... like Free Rice Primary onwards Raise money with every correct answer *** 
Wasteland Adventure Recycling / the environment Primary onwards For more info, see the game's homepage - No Rating Yet 
Whack-a-note Music Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
SwitcherooZoo Animals Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
Professor Garfield's Games Variety of games Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
Toon Book Maker Cartoon maker -- with your favorite Toon Books characters Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
Minecraft There is a free browser-based version. It is a survival game. At night monsters come out and at day you have to build a shelter using different tools to protect yourself.  Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
Bloxorz  Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
Dust  Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
B-Cubed  Primary onwards  No Rating Yet 
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